good is the new cool

We are aware of issues like Fukushima, drought in California and elsewhere, flooding, toxic spills, the assault of fracking chemicals in aquifers, polar ice melt, disease and death caused by lack of access to clean water. The list goes on and on.

When water is threatened, all of life is threatened.

Together we can can create a better future for all. With Impact.

No water. No life. Know water. Know life!

goutdogooders made up of all stakeholders on earth (That’s everybody on this globe) can redefine the triple bottom line to People, Planet, Party.

…imagine if every sip of delicious beer you take is also an investment in the social capital of our planet – a virtuous circle is sparked that awakens the hidden potential in every tasty experience you have.

Impact Beer is one of the first innovative financing instruments for civil society designed by #gooutdogood. Companies (and brewers, too) are looking for ways to include their customers, give them attention and recognition – to reach out to consumers craving ‘human’ brands. While people share acts of kindness online, offline impact is incredibly important.

Our vision is to make investing in impact entrepreneurs via the F.L.O.W (For the Love Of Water) social investment fund commonplace at events of all kinds.

Every time you take a sip, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want

For more details about how you or your company can participate please contact Trent zum Mallen at trent@creativemind.net